Miscommunication does in the Expos

Verdun (AP) - "I don't know what happened," explained Captain Glen Norman. "We're usually all on the same page and coordinated. But we just dropped the ball."

"Yeah... I'm still a little stunned" added game-hero Doug Fletcher. "I just threw seven-innings of 3-hit baseball, and smacked 3 hits myself. No one brought post-game beverages? Unacceptable."

"I'm not going to lie to you. It was kind of awkward," Rob Andrej was heard after the game. "I mean, don't get me wrong... I really like these guys. But without any beverages the conversation was a little boring. So I went home."

"Yeah, I agree" added Pat McCarthy. "We were all kind of standing there, looking at each other. No one really knew what to do."

"Garbage! Frickin' garbage" chimed Rob Gartshore.

The Expos tied the series with a dominating 7-2 victory on Wednesday night. The Expos took the lead in the second inning on a Steve Aikens 2-RBI single to left centre field, and never looked back. Game 3 is set for Dorval tonight at 7:30PM. Admission and valet parking are free.