Expos On A Roll

Montreal (AP) - After a slow start to the season which saw the Expos drop 2 of their first 3 games, the boys of summer have once again regained their position atop the standings of the BWISL, winning five games in a row and outscoring their opponents 56-10 during that span. "Yeah. The Liam is playing well... really well" Liam Twomey answered after being asked about the team's recent success.

"Yeah, its true, we got off to a slow start," explained Captain Glen Norman. "I mean... the guys really weren't into it in May. Its not easy replacing Pat McCarthy's 16 RBIs at the bottom of the order. But its been even tougher on the guys not to have him in the dugout. You know... for emotional support. And to keep Liam's ego in check."

"I miss him so much" a crying Kevin Stuckey added.

"This team is just hitting its stride" explained Doug Fletcher. "I know its only June, and its a long season, but I can already taste the old, rusty nail, beer flavour one experiences when they get the chance to drink from the BWISL cup. That's definitely something I want to do again."

The Expos next take the field Sunday morning in Dorval. Firearms prohibited from the park.